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Many people today are experiencing skin sensitivity, scent sensitivity or a myriad of skin disorders. Whether you are among that category or are making a conscious choice to avoid chemicals, natural skin products are on the rise. Why? The public is becoming aware of what they are ingesting and using on and around them. Just as you would avoid processed foods, what you put on your skin can be just as important as what you eat.  There is so much controversy, faulty advertising and corporate manipulation – most commercial products are full of chemicals and fillers – and most of them sound scary. Chemical components found in crude oil, antifreeze, oven cleaners, formaldehyde & carcinogens do not belong on our skin!

Wouldn’t you rather use something that you know is good for you and won’t cause harm – simple, straight forward ingredients?  All the products are hand-crafted with natural ingredients – no artificial fragrances, fillers, harmful chemicals or scents. You can feel good about using them – and they smell great too!

Your skin’s natural oils start to decrease with age, making us look older and allowing wrinkles to form. Added to that, most of us have been using drying soaps that strip our skin of it's natural oils and products full of mineral oil for years because we didn’t know better. Mineral oil is a crude oil by-product composed entirely of hydrogen and carbon. It coats the skin almost like plastic wrap – suffocating skin, clogging pores and preventing you from eliminating toxins. It slows cell development, causes premature aging and can have carcinogenic properties. So, let’s add some good wholesome moisture and vitamins back into our skin so we can start repairing the damage and rejuvenate our skin!

As distilled water is used in some products and they are not full of harmful preservatives, they do have a shorter shelf life than many store bought products. If you are not using them for a while, store in the fridge to prevent bacterial growth.  When in doubt – throw them out!


Please consult your physician if you have any medical conditions,
including pregnancy and breast feeding.


Customized  Orders and Products are available.
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